- LocoMole -

The left poster follows a mockup design of a tour guide book that depicts the various art avenues available in Chinatown Singapore. This is put against a canvas consisting elements that further elicit the theme of art and travel. It also consist of colours of the Indian flag, which is the target audience of this EDM.

The middle poster follows a vectorised infographic design containing the various dishes that is available in Chinatown Singapore. This is served on an Indian thali, which is the target audience of this EDM as well.

The right poster follows a black-and-white design with colour pop in the emphasised element - the Singapore River Cruise. This EDM aims to encourage Japanese tourists to relive Singapore's history by taking a journey on the river cruise.

All EDMs are created exclusively for client Locomole, LDR Pte. Ltd.

- 48 Hour Film Competition 2020 -

Assigned as the Marketing Director for Singapore Management University's (SMU) 48 Hour Film Competition 2020, I devised a complete event marketing strategy, including the designing and publicising of the above collaterals: Instagram/Facebook Stories & Posts, EDM, and YouTube Thumbnails (from left to right). The EDM follows a vectorised design of a red carpet event at the Capitol Theatre.

- Heart Springs Wellness -

Above is the draft logofolio for Heart Springs Wellness new product line Heart Springs Essentials, where multiple versions were conceived around the client's brief to provide diversity and choice.

All logos are created exclusively for client Heart Springs Wellness (Paya Lebar Quarter Mall Outlet).

- The Mujibook Collection-

"The Mujibook Collection" is an experiment of hand-drawn sketch art design. As one who failed art in a formal education setting, I ventured into this realm as of January 2020 to test the feasibility of creating caricatures as special personalised gifts for friends. This trial has expanded into nametent design as of March 2020.

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